Week Two

Week Two was a little easier than week one. I’m definitely getting used to the portion sizes and seem to be less hungry. Jonathan said the same thing too. At first the amount of food we were eating didn’t seem enough AT ALL. Not only that, we were still hungry after we ate. As the week went on we noticed we were getting less hungry after meals. Partly because our bodies are getting used to the new portion sizes and partly because we are drinking half our weight in water! Meals were still hard for me because we were eating the same things over and over still. However, WE WENT SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND and I went armed with a grocery list!  After I made the four weeks of meal plans I made four different shopping lists. The first one where we got the majority of our things (things we could freeze, things in cans, etc.) and then the other three lists were the things that we needed to get each week (fruits and lettuce). We bought ALL of our groceries for the month for about $150.00! We are estimating about $200.00 worth of groceries for the month after all of our weekly runs! Exercising went well this week! I still did the usual…C25K and Roll! I actually went on Thursday and they were shooting a commercial! You never know how much music helps you workout until your cycling with no music! I thought I was going to die! Luckily, I cycle at the best place on the planet and it was definitely worth it and still super encouraging regardless!


So, this weeks meals were SUPER easy. It took maybe an hour to get these together! Not counting the time in the slow cooker. For lunch we have buffalo chicken rolls! I put the chicken in the slow cooker and then added the buffalo sauce and rolled it in the tortilla.[Recipe Here]

The other lunch we have this week are the turkey roll ups we ate last week that we LOVED![Recipe Here]

Lastly, for dinner we cubed buffalo chicken (we ran out but luckily I had some shredded chicken left over!), fruit, green beans, and whole wheat noodles tossed in butter, parmesan, and garlic powder! We are super excited for this week! Not only are we continuing our journey together BUT we are also getting a niece this week! So many exciting things going on in our life and we couldn’t be any more blessed for all of your encouragement!

Haleigh- Down 8 pounds as of 1/29/17

Jonathan- Down 9 pounds as of 1/29/17

Have a blessed week!



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